Application of aluminum profiles and alloys in the automotive industry

The application of aluminum alloy profiles in the automotive industry should have been early.

The application of aluminum alloy profiles in the automotive industry should have been early. We often hear that supercars like Ferrari and Porsche use all car aluminum bodies to reduce weight. In fact, the so-called "all aluminum" also refers to aluminum alloys. Why use aluminum alloy? On the one hand, the weight of the vehicle body is reduced, allowing the car to obtain better power and reduce fuel consumption; On the other hand, aluminum alloy is a very good recycled material, which makes car maintenance easier and, of course, more environmentally friendly. Recently, some friends have also asked some questions about all aluminum engines and cast iron engines. Aluminum alloy and cast iron have their own unique characteristics in engine components. Cast iron is more sturdy and durable, with stronger lifting capacity, while aluminum alloy is lighter and cheaper. However, one thing is certain: with the development trend of the future automotive industry, the application of aluminum will become increasingly widespread, as aluminum, a metal with abundant mineral resources, is easier to recover and has increasingly rich alloy properties. With the advancement of technology, it is not impossible for some aluminum alloys to completely replace steel one day.
The new Cayenne adopts aluminum alloy profiles, which will definitely not save costs. As is well known, the aluminum materials used in these high-end cars are usually high-end aluminum alloy profiles, and we may not necessarily know the manufacturing technology. Currently, many special aluminum alloys in China are even more expensive than gold. Therefore, if car owners want to buy a new Cayenne, they should not worry about this issue. After all, Porsche has been using aluminum alloy on its body for many years, and it will definitely get better and better.