Application advantages of aluminum materials in automobiles

For example, all aluminum engines are widely used.

Is the body of a regular car made of aluminum?
Not most cars are made of automotive specific steel plates. Only over one million cars are made entirely of aluminum. The actual price of all aluminum body cars is close to 2 million yuan.
What parts of cars are made of aluminum now?
Automotive parts made of aluminum include:
1. Engine
For example, all aluminum engines are widely used.
2. Body
For example, the all-aluminum body, more commonly the Audi A8.
3. Wheel hub
4. Some parts
Such as the horn and swing arm in the suspension system.
5. Some peripheral products
Such as luggage racks.
Application advantages of aluminum materials in automobiles
1. Improve fuel efficiency and increase load capacity. The application of aluminum in automobiles can greatly reduce weight. Using the same fuel, aluminum alloy cars travel longer distances than ordinary steel cars, thus improving fuel efficiency. In addition, weight reduction is equivalent to increasing the load capacity of a car, which can improve the transportation efficiency of the car and reduce transportation costs.
2. Reduce processes and improve assembly efficiency. The overall frame of aluminum alloy cars has fewer welding points, reducing the number of processes for processing workers. Aluminum alloy is about 35% lighter than steel welded body as a whole, and does not require rust prevention treatment. Only 25% to 35% of the parts require spot welding, greatly improving the assembly efficiency of the car.
3. Safe and comfortable. Aluminum cars can reduce the weight of the car without reducing its load-bearing capacity, lower the center of gravity of the body, and make the car more stable and comfortable. Due to the lightweight and small mass of aluminum alloy cars, the collision energy is much smaller than that of steel cars. In addition, due to the performance of aluminum alloy materials and body structure, it can fully absorb energy during the impact process, making it safer.
4. High recovery rate of automotive aluminum alloy parts. Aluminum alloy has a low melting point and is easy to remelt for recycling. Currently, the recovery rate is not less than 90%.
5. Light vehicles, energy conservation and consumption reduction are beneficial for environmental protection.